Getting Started with Nutrition and Wellness Services:

Our services are designed for individuals who are looking for other options to become healthier.  We believe that people have a choice on how they want to handle their health.  There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion or working with a natural medicine doctor for the purpose of enhancing your health.  Nutritional intervention is a great stand-alone or it can be used in conjunction with medical management.  There’s a large body of evidence that clearly shows nutritional support enhances medical outcome.  Our goal is to work with you so that you can achieve a healthier body from a holistic perspective.

We do not accept health insurance for nutrition & natural medicine services nor do we provide any billing information such as diagnosis & procedure codes for insurance reimbursement.  Why?  Because we are not claiming to diagnose, treat or cure disease.  We are claiming to enhance the body’s natural abilities to heal itself.  This is called wellness, something that insurance companies don’t cover. 

With that said, we keep our fee structure modest and attainable so that everyone can experience a natural approach to a wellness healthcare structure.

Lets get started!

1. Telephone Interview:

It is a good idea to schedule an initial telephone interview.  Here you will speak directly with the doctor for 15-minutes and connect with him before your actual appointment.  He will ask you specific questions about your health to ascertain your primary concerns, motivation and commitment level.  If he determines that he can help you, and you are a good candidate for a case review, he will let you know at this time. The telephone interview is $75.

If you decide to progress to the case review, we will deduct this amount from the case review.

Prior to your case review you will need to print out 6 nutrition intake forms designed to dig deeper into your health history.  Please fax them or email them to the office prior to your case review so the doctor can review them.

2. The Case Review:

If you’ve made it to the case review, congratulations are in order!  You are on your way to better health. Here you will get to experience meticulous, thorough healthcare in a relaxing unhurried setting with a doctor who truly cares about your wellbeing.

During this appointment you will get to sit down with the doctor for one hour focusing on your health history, laboratory data and other screening information that was gathered prior to your visit. Here you will experience the doctors expertise and explanation of why your health may be compromised and his plans for getting you well and/or enhancing your health.

Remember, the case review is aimed to dig deep into your health history for further clarification of your health issues.  Here we will discuss the best options to get you feeling better. The case review is $475 and is not a nutrition program. 

3. The Program:

After this detailed report of findings (case review), this is the time when you decide if you’d like to move forward with one of our custom wellness programs which is separate from the case review.Wellness programs will be discussed at the time of the case review and are based on the type and amount of care that you need. Should you decide to do one of our nutritional wellness programs, the cost will be agreed upon at the case review.   

Once the case review is completed and you have accepted a wellness plan, Dr. Picard will provide you with a nutrition-based program on your return visit (aka the plan delivery).  Remember, each case is unique and requires different time frames and visit frequencies.  Dr. Picard will provide you with an estimate of how long your case will take once he has reviewed all of the information that was gathered during your case review.  Keep in mind that this is a highly individualized process that depends your current level of health and what we are trying to accomplish.

4. The cost:

We like to handle finances in the beginning, however; it is impossible to quote a single price for everybody.  Let’s face it, someone being seen for weight loss is obviously less complex than someone being seen for stage 4 chronic kidney disease. This is why we cannot quote you a price over the phone.  

We realize nobody likes to deal with finances when it comes to healthcare, especially out-of-pocket finances.   You need to know what kind of investment you are making up front.  It’s been our experience that when we get finances out of the way in the beginning, patients don’t have to worry about it anymore.  They can put all of their efforts into healing, where they should be. 

5. The support:

Right from the start our programs are designed with your best interest in mind.  All of our programs ensure that you will have all the support you need for the duration of your plan. Our support includes e-mail, telephone and text.  All of our plans include life coaching, dietary support, nutritional and supplement support as well as modifiable lifestyle changes. 

6. Make the phone call:

If your serious about your health you’ve come to the right place.  There is no time like the present moment to take charge of your health.  With over 25 years of experience Dr. Picard is the go-to guy for nutrition and wellness.  Make the right choice today, call and schedule a 15 minute telephone interview to learn if a nutritional wellness program is right for you.

We run a no-pressure office and we welcome your call.  If we are busy at the moment of your call, we will schedule a time to call you back so we can spend some time with you.  We truly love our patients and strive to do everything we can to optimize your health and wellbeing.