Hi Dr. Picard, I wanted to share with you how great I’ve been feeling since we treated my dysbiosis.  My stomach has never felt better.  What my PC doc wanted me to believe one of my ailments was related to was because I still had my gallbladder is now normal. I drink Kevita now as you instructed daily and love its taste.  I recently had an appointment with my endocrinologist.  In the last year I had two sonograms and one biopsy of a polyp that was considered in above the borderline range that we were monitoring.  At this visit, I told him Continue Reading

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Before I saw Dr. Picard I was always tired and fatigued.  I took naps all the time.  I had difficulty concentrating and remembering things.  I also had sciatic nerve pain down my leg for two years despite seeing other doctors. I was referred to Dr. Picard by a coworker who suggested that I try his nutrition program.  After completing the program I can honestly say that I now have energy all day long!  Dr. Picard worked with me to modify some of my dietary and eating habits as well as provided me with whole food nutrition supplements that my body was Continue Reading

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Before I saw Dr. Picard I was very fatigued for years and sleeping all the time.  I noticed that I was gaining weight despite going to the gym and working out.  I had gone to my primary care doctor who ordered a blood test that came back fine.  Nothing more could be done for me in the medical realm.  I felt my life was at a standstill until I saw Dr. Picard for Nutrition Response Testing. On the very first visit I immediately liked what I saw.  I felt good about it.  The program was once a week for six weeks Continue Reading

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I got big news from Trinity Rep last week, and one if my frequently-recurring thoughts in these past few days of excitement has been, “this would have never happened without Dr. Picard.

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